Diving into the secrets of Slatted/Blade Covers!

Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics Ltd, we use our experience in pool covers to inform our customers and provide them with our solutions that best suit their needs. There are many types of pool covers, but they all have one primary purpose – to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from falling into your pool while it is not in use. Slatted/Blade covers are a modern innovation and combine the characteristics of a safety and a solar cover into one, while providing a motor to roll/unroll the cover with ease.

Benefits of acquiring a Slatted/Blade cover:

1) Slatted/Blade Covers also act as Safety Covers

Slatted/Blade covers float on the surface of the water and are tailor-made to your pool to provide a snug fit right to the edges. That makes them double up as safety covers to prevent children or pets from entering the water while the cover is in place.

2) Bespoke to Suit the Shape and Contours of your pool

Have a personalised unique pool shape and design? We can manufacture your slatted pool cover to exactly match the layout of your pool.

3) Reduces convection heat loss and eliminates evaporation heat loss

This is an important benefit of slatted/blade covers compared with other types. The slats act as thermal breaks lying on top of the surface of the water so that convection of heat from the water to the air is massively reduced. It also means that direct sunlight does not strike the water and therefore no heat is lost through evaporation. These features mean reduced heating costs and reduced use of chemicals.

4) Can be retrofitted to existing or new build swimming pools

Slatted/blade pool covers offer a great deal of flexibility in the manner in which they can be installed as well as being tailored to your pool. For example, the ultimate in ease of installation is our Aero cover. When opened, the slatted/blade cover is rolled up onto a roller that sits on a base. That means that one person can roll it away from the pool to provide additional poolside space. To put it in place, simply roll it back to the end of the pool and press a button on the motor. The slatted/blade cover automatically feeds out over the water and can be locked in place once extended. Nothing could be easier or more versatile. All our slatted covers have installation options to suit any pool configuration with steps.

5) Electric or Solar Versions (Need no electrical cabling)

Several models offer inbuilt solar panels built into the motor unit. That means that they charge their motor battery while sitting either open or closed, ready for one-touch operation when required. If you are searching for this configuration then our OPEN Solar Energy is the one suited for you.!The standard specification is for an electric motor powered from mains electricity.

6) Wireless wall mounted cover/uncover switch

The control unit can be positioned in a location that is most convenient for you and does not have to be attached to the motor directly. That means that operating the mechanism to either extend the slatted cover over the pool or to withdraw it so as to use the pool, is as easy and simple as it could possibly be. If you are searching for this configuration then our OPEN Aero is the one suited for you!

7) Can be installed with the Roller above ground or hidden in a concealed pit

Depending on available space and size of pool surrounds, the roller can be positioned in full view above ground at one end of the pool – or can be concealed under the coping of the pool edge.

8) Traditional winter cover no longer needed

Your slatted cover is a year-round workhorse that can be put in place for an hour or for the winter months. A winter cover is optional if you wish to protect the slats from any risk of weathering or fading but is no longer essential.

Isn’t it about time that you treated yourself and your family to the benefits of a motorized slatted pool cover? They are stylish, eminently practical, tailor-made to fit your pool and offer unparalleled ease of use. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have and get your personalised quote!

A better way to cover..

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