Why choose AFM glass over sand for your filtration?

AFM (Activated Filter Media) is a highly engineered filtration media manufactured from green container glass as a raw material.
Replaces sand in all filtration applications. AFM® is manufactured from a specific glass type and processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then activated to increase the surface area by 300 times over crushed glass or sand.
The high surface area is negatively charged (zeta potential) to adsorb organics and small particles. It also has permanent metal oxide catalysts creating a high redox potential to make AFM® self-sterilizing.
AFM® is the only activated glass filter media available, and is more efficient and cost-effective than any other filtration media. AFM® is certified under Regulation 31 in the UK and International NSF61.It is also in compliance with European Water Directive (98/83/EC) & (80/778/EEC).

AFM will remove 80 % of all particles in the water down to 4.5 microns. The best a very high quality sand can achieve is 8 microns. The results were collected from filters operated at 20 m/hr filtration velocity with no flocculation. Therefore the results are a direct comparison between the different filtration media.
The chemistry of the glass, the particle shape and especially the activation process give AFM  the important properties to clearly outperform sand and glass sand filter media .The large surface has a strong negative charge to adsorb organics and small particles. The surface also has metal oxide catalysts which produce free radicals and thus a high redox potential. Therefore AFM is self-disinfecting. AFM  prevents bacteria from settling to make it a unique, bio-resistant filter material.

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