Bored of your Liner pool? Switch to Tiles in no time!

If you are looking to change your old liner to brand new Tiles or Mosaics, but they told you it cannot be done due to waterproofing issues, then you are in the right place.

Following our commitment on delivering innovative solutions for our customers, we are now offering Waterproofing Membranes, making the change possible without any extra steps. Let’s explore why someone would like to switch from Liner to Tiles or Mosaic:

  1. Durability: If a Tiled pool is well built and looked after, it can look and feel brand new for more than a decade, compared to Liner Pools that can be susceptible to scratches and abrasions becoming brittle in the long run.
  2. Life span: Tiles can last forever with good maintenance, whereas a Liner will need to be replaced on average every 5-7 years.
  3. Fade: No Fade in the Tiled pools, except on the waterline, compared to Liner where the colour and/or print can fade when the pool is heated in excess of 30 degrees.
  4. Flexibility: Tiled pools offer more designs in terms of the pool shape, as it can be built and tiled to your design requirements. The pool could even be personalized, whereas with Liner, you are limited to certain options and designs available from the manufacturers.
  5. Patterns: A large range of tiles are available including glass mosaics compared to Liner that are offering tiled-like patterns but you cannot get away from the cheap feel.
  6. Overall appearance: There is no denying a Tile finished pool looks better and of higher quality than a Liner pool.

Liner would always remain a good and cheap alternative for customers that seek a quick and easy solution, but for those looking to go the extra mile in terms of quality and looks, definitely switching to Tiles or Mosaics is the way to go.

Let’s talk what a Waterproofing Membrane is and the way it revolutionizes the industry:

For complete waterproofing in swimming pools with ceramic covering, our Waterproofing Membrane is watertight and covered with a special textile that enables direct mosaic adhesion. Suitable for all regular surfaces used in construction designed for finishing with a ceramic covering. Resistant to acids, other chemical substances, and microorganisms. The sheet sticks to entire surfaces when using suitable adhesive. Ceramic flooring and slabs can be laid directly onto the Waterproofing Membrane, without requiring intermediate layers. It is ideal for new build or refurbished swimming pools and provides better waterproofing than widely used cement-based waterproofing products thanks to greater elasticity. Surfaces should be sufficiently resistant, clean, flat, and suitable for fitting a ceramic covering. Isolated cracks do not pose a problem when using the product, again thanks to the amazing flexibility offered.

Waterproofing Membrane Profile

• Waterproofing, flexible, crack sealing
• Decouples the structure from the ceramic tile
• Resistant to bases, acids, and other chemical substances, as well as microorganisms
• Easy and safe to apply
• ABP certification for load-bearing classes A1, A2 and C
• Product certified in accordance with the following standards:
DIN 500143-23/50-2: Temperature resistance 50°C – 120 °C
DIN 16726: Waterproofing test for pressurized synthetic materials
EN ISO 527: Determination of tensile properties
EN 13484: Resistance to alkaline solutions
EN 1931: Water vapor permeability

• Product certified (compression) in accordance with the standards:
EN 13967/B
Fire class E EN 13501-1

Technical Characteristics

  • Colour: blue
  • Thickness: approx. 0.5mm
  • Weight: approx. 250g/m²
  • Application temperature/surface temperature: +5 °C – +30 °C
  • Water penetration resistance test: 2.5 bars

And because Seeing is Believing when it comes to new technologies, please take a look at the step by step process followed on our latest project. *Note the extra care taken around Pool Lights and Inlets.



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