Combining 2 proven disinfection methods!

It is a well-known fact that solving a complex problem using one type of technology might not be optimal. That’s the case for water disinfection – two proven technologies are combined for one innovation respectful of the environment. It’s the classical example of not reinventing the wheel, but making it turn better.

Saltwater chlorination


UV-C sterilization


Healthy, crystal-clear water with respect for the bather and the environment

How disinfection by Salt Chlorination works?

A saltwater chlorinator consists of two parts, the control box and the salt cell. As the water passes through the salt cell, the control box sends a safe electrical pulse to the salt cell, breaking down the salt in the water into Hypochlorous Acid. Now don’t be scared of having “acid” in your pool. This is the exact same thing that happens to chlorine when it dissolves in water. This process is all automated through the control box and as long as your salt levels are adequate, then it’s pretty hands-off from there.

How disinfection by ultraviolet rays is possible?

UV light, with a wavelength of 254 nanometers, can eradicate all micro-organisms present in water (viruses, bacteria, algae, molds, etc.). They are absolutely risk-free for your health. The water is disinfected by contact with the UV lamp as it passes through the reactor. This technology, based on the natural phenomenon of UV, has been used for over 40 years to treat drinking water and agricultural water networks, municipal swimming pools and fish ponds.

Automatic pool treatment with a hybrid Salt Chlorination + UV device offers several advantages:

• Disinfected and disinfectant water with no chemicals

• Soft, odorless bathing water

• An eco-friendly treatment

• Ideal for corrosion-sensitive pools

• No risks of allergy issues

• No polluting waste water

• Significantly reduced maintenance costs • Fully automatic device, easy to use

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A better way to pool..

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