How to achieve a warm pool with a green conscience?

When we talk about premium products, just like a blade cover, someone will think that environment is not the first priority. Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics, we have carefully selected our products to tick the boxes in both categories, premium with a green conscience as the title suggests.

Let’s not talk too much and dive straight into the details of what makes a Blade Cover friendly to the environment and in the long run …in your pocket!

The Triage of Success

  1. Control Heat Loss
  2. Save water
  3. Reduce chemicals

All our products listed below have the attributes mentioned above!

A little sensitive to cold?
Good news!
Your cover will help fight heat loss.
During the day, the sun heats the cover and the pool water by transferring the heat of the sun’s rays.
Covering your pool makes it possible to maintain the temperature at night.

The increase in water temperature will be even more spectacular if your blade cover has polycarbonate slats. Some of our models are even fitted with solar panels: which are very economical and 100% eco-responsible.

Evaporation is one of the main causes of wasted water and energy in a pool.
94% of the heat lost from a pool is via the water surface, hence the obvious benefit of a cover.
The need to top up the water becomes less frequent.

This kind of protection system also allows you to look forward to using the pool from the very first fine spring days and to extend the fun late into autumn.
Building a pool is a genuine investment, so why not make it profitable!

Blade cover slats are specially designed to withstand UV rays and the chemicals in the water.
This prevents photosynthesis, stops algae growth, keeps the pH more stable and allows you to effectively protect your pool water.

This naturally reduces the need for chemicals.
It can even drop by 70%!
Pool care products are expensive and are often harmful to the environment.

In addition to a favorable economic and environmental impact, your bathing experience will be much more pleasant.

In short, your Blade Cover will reduce:

  • Energy consumption: electricity (pool pump, heating, automatic treatment devices, etc.).
  • Resources used: water (filter backwash discharge, evaporation, etc.).
  • Products consumed (chlorine, pH plus or minus, algaecide, etc.).

We hope you found this article inspiring and stay tuned for more premium products and design ideas. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have!

A better way to pool..

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