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Pool owners who seek to cover their pool over the winter and prevent the danger of their children or pets falling in the pool shall aim to install a Safety Cover. Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics Ltd, we want to provide our customers with the best solution for their needs. For that reason we are offering both types of Safety Covers: solid & mesh. Because there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of cover, the decision on which one to use will depend on your personal needs and situation.

Advantages of Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are usually light, making it easier for one person to put the cover on and take it off. Mesh covers tend to have a slightly longer lifespan, 10 to 15 years, than solid covers, which last 7 to 11 years. A mesh cover typically doesn’t require pumping because rain will seep right through. Leaves and other debris are screened out. And the cost of a mesh cover is usually less than that of a solid cover.

Disadvantages of Mesh Covers

While allowing rain to seep through, sediment and some sunlight can also pass through a mesh cover, possibly stimulating algae and bacteria growth and causing water to turn green. Sediment and debris concentrated on the pool bottom may require more work when the pool is opened. Because rainwater seeps through the cover and into the pool, a pump may occasionally be needed to drain excess water from the pool.

Advantages of Solid Covers

Solid covers does not allow sunlight or sediment to pass through. It also keeps water and leaves out of the pool. This increases the chances of opening to a clear pool that requires little maintenance, such as vacuuming and filtering.

Disadvantages of Solid Covers

Because water stays on a solid cover, maintenance such as pumping water and sweeping leaves and other debris is required throughout the winter. Failure to keep up with maintenance can damage and shorten the life of the cover. Some models come with automatic pumps that can be left on all winter. Solid covers are also heavier than mesh, making them more difficult to install and remove.

Soon we will be offering bespoke shapes to satisfy any pool shape and size, since we will be making the covers in our new warehouse in Paphos.

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