What is Real-Time Water Management?

In the following article we are gonna discuss the following points:
1. Why the world is choosing automations?
2. How automations are making our life better?
3. Summary of the key benefits.

Automations are constantly becoming a part of our life making it easier and safer. Monitoring your pool and its chemical parameters is key to have a worry-free swim and enjoy yourself without having to constantly perform manual tests. All these radical advancements in low-powered, low-cost microprocessors and IoT (Internet of Things) created this new market that drastically changed the way we do things.

  • Automated chemical controllers offer thousands precise measurements per day with true PPM chlorine probes to constantly monitor the chlorination and sanitization of your pool.
  • Automated Dosing Pumps in conjunction with the controller dose the correct amount of chemicals in the pool keeping the optimum chemical dosage throughout the day, resulting in 15-20% reduction in chemical usage.
  • Water monitoring & data collection are all cloud-based creating a data log with graphs of the different chemical parameters of your pool throughout the day allowing you to access them from any device remotely
  • Platform Connectivity allows all your pools to be connected in a single device optimizing your water treatment processes and reducing your labor costs.
  • Notifications & Alarms inform you about any deviations in the chemical parameters for troubleshooting purposes

Summarizing the benefits of your investment in pool automation through our experience:

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