FOAM6D – Deluxe Isothermic Covers

FOAM6D – Deluxe Isothermic Covers


A foam cover is considered to be the most resistant and efficient in the isothermal category of covers.

Particularly suitable because of its isothermal qualities and long lifespan with intensive use for heated pools, public pools and spas. PVC reinforcement bands

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The foam cover is available in two thicknesses 6mm and 8mm.

The two models have an inner side composed of structured thermo-compressed polyethylene (made for better rolling) with the addition of a transparent polyethylene film. For your ease when covering the pool we have also developed a leading-edge system which provides better floatation of the foam cover. Especially useful when covering the pool on your own.

  • The FOAM6D model has an upper side made from reinforced polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.
  • The PREMIUM FOAM6D model uses a material which features a very resistant stabilised copolymer coating with anti-UV treatment for extra strength and longevity.


  • Avoids heat dispersion
    Water temperature lowers after sunset. The cover allows you to limit heat loss in your pool water.
  • Stops evaporation
    The cover preserves accumulated heat and reduces evaporation
  • Reduces the odour of chlorine
    The odour of chlorine is contained within the pool, for greater user comfort
  • Realistically economises water treatment products
    The sun’s reaction in your pool water is limited, less water treatment products are required.
  • Facilitates dehumidifiers action
    Reduces ambient humidity by means of the cover’s action.

Let us talk technical:

Thickness: FOAM6D: 6mm, Premium FOAM6D: 8mm
Weight: FOAM6D: 470 g/m2, Premium FOAM6D: 850 g/m2
Colour: FOAM6D: Blue, Premium FOAM6D: Blue
Stability: FOAM6D: from -20° to +38°, Premium FOAM6D: from -20° to +40°
Thermal conduction: 0,038 W/mK
Water absorption at 28 days: – 1% of volume
Excellent resistance to chlorine


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