Vanishing Edge Pool

Vanishing edge or Infinity pools are a design trend in the 21st century for their beauty and pure elegance. The infinity pool however is often confused with the overflow pool or deck level pool, so we are here to explain the differences in their design and construction and what makes one infinity pool stand out from the rest.

The basics of how an infinity pool works:

A true infinity pool or negative edge pool has to be built on sloped ground, this is because the water level along one or two sides of the pool will flow over these edges into a weir or secondary pool. Most commonly installed overlooking another body of water such as the sea or a lake, making the pool appear to extend to infinity.

Infinity pool designs:

As described above the location of the infinity pool is the first design consideration. Surrounding levels and sight lines have to be carefully considered to achieve the infinity edge look, merging with the secondary body of water. Once the sight lines and position has been determined the materials are the next consideration. A colour closely matching the surrounding body of water has to be chosen or similar in colour to the landscape, where a negative edge pool (infinity pool without the sea or lake to blend) is to be constructed.

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