How to use the Solar Cover Calculator!

Are you considering buying a Solar Cover, but you aren’t sure about the total price when adding all the accessories to your basket? Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics, we created for the ease of our customers, a Solar Cover Calculator tool to help configure your future solar cover. You simply choose your pool’s shape and dimensions, the Geobubble™ Solar Cover model and sewing you want (Details in this article!) and the accessories required (leading edge, rope, etc.). The total price of your order will be displayed at the end alongside the ‘Lead Time’ for your cover to be ready for collection.

Let’s take a step-by-step approach, to configure a simple 8m x 4m rectangular pool with a ladder, assuming the customer wants a roller, leading edge and rope to open the cover with ease!

Step 1: Select the shape of your pool

Let’s select the rectangular pool shape by clicking on it and a blue background will appear to signify we have done so as shown below:

Step 2: Input the length and width of your pool

In this case it will be “Length (A) in m: 8” and “Width (B) in m: 4” as shown below (Please note the letters A and B are showing which dimensions are to be measured as per the pool’s shape in Step 1). In the more complicated shapes, you will be asked to measure more dimensions to give us all the information required to cut the cover in the desired shape!

Step 3: Choose your solar cover material preference and sewing

You have the model options of 400 microns, Sol & Guard 500 microns, Energy Guard 500 microns and sewing options of “Standard (No sewing)”, “Luxe (Two sides)” and “Deluxe (All sides)”. For our example, let’s choose Sol & Guard 500 microns Deluxe by clicking on it. You can clearly see our choice highlighted with a blue colour below alongside the price per square meter and the total price:

Step 4: Select the roller for your solar cover.

Since our example pool has width of 4m, we are going to choose the first one by clicking anywhere on it. For wider pools above 4.5m, you will need to choose one of the other rollers that we are offering. You can clearly see our choice highlighted with blue below:

Step 5: Select your solar cover accessories.

Since our example calls for leading edge, you can hover over and click on it – Please note that it already has calculated the price based on your pools width. Since there is a ladder on the pool and we want to remove it from the pool when we close the cover, 2 anchors need to be added by clicking on them and adding ‘2’ in the text box. Finally, the total length of rope required need to be inputted. For our needs, we will go with the total pool length plus additional 2m for ease of operation with a total of 10m. Please note that your selections appear with a tick on the left hand side as shown below:

Step 6: Select external pools step

Since there are no external steps in the pool, we can omit ‘Step 6’ and see our total amount to be paid the Lead Time for the Solar Cover to be ready for collection or shipping.

Step 7: Confirm your choice

The only action left now is to click ‘Add to Cart’ as shown below and check out following the instructions!

Congratulations, you have just added a very good piece of equipment to your pool!

We hope you found this Solar Cover Calculator Tool Guide informative and please let us know if you want similar examples with more complicated pool shapes or the other two types of covers we offer – Isothermic and Safety/Winter. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have!

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