How to save money when running your pool?

With the cost of living and inflation rising so dramatically, we’re all looking at ways we can save money. Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics, we have thought about our customers and we present you a guide on how to save money when running your pool.

1. Keep your chemicals balanced

Maintaining proper chemical balance in your pool can mean that you avoid major algae problems, which in the long run can be a very expensive situation to fix. You should regularly check your pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and residual chlorine levels in your pool water, to ensure that your pool is properly balanced.

You’ll find the recommended chemical levels in the table below:

Water Parameter NamesOptimum Level
Salt2500 – 4000
Stabilizerdepends on chlorine demand
Free Chlorine2.0-4.0ppm
Combined Chlorine<0.2ppm
Total ChlorineTC=FC+CC
Total Bromine4.0-6.0
pH7.2 – 7.8 pH
Total Alkalinity80-120ppm
Calcium Hardness150-400ppm
Total dissolved solids<2000ppm
Phosphateas little as possible
Heavy metalsas little as possible

2. Buy Pool Chemicals in Bulk

As with many things, pool chemicals can work out much cheaper when bought in bulk. Even if the upfront cost is fairly high, the cost per kilo of these chemicals will be a significantly lower. And bear in mind – what you don’t use this year can always be used next year.

Pro tip: Look for our spring start-up specials, so if you can buy early, you may end up saving even more.

3. Turn off water features when you’re not using the pool

Features like fountains and waterfalls use a LOT of energy and can have a cooling effect on the water. As pretty as they are, and as nice a sound they may make, turning them off when the pool is not in use will help save energy and reduce water consumption.

4. Cover your pool!

I think we all knew this point was coming, but we can’t overstate the impact of covering your pool on energy and money saving!

Saving energy

Pool heaters are a costly, albeit efficient method of heating your pool. Solar pool covers can reduce the need for heaters by utilizing solar energy to heat your pool. Pool covers also help to control heat transfer, managing the pool temperature and keeping the pool at the desired temperature. The process of evaporation also uses a significant amount of energy. For example, it would take 583 kCal to evaporate 1kg of water at 26°C equating to 12.7 million kCals for your average swimming pool over the season. This is a staggering 14750 kWhs, enough energy to power your TV 475 hours or 5 hours a day for 95 days.

Preserving water resource

Pool covers provide a barrier over the pool eliminating up to 98% of evaporation and preserving this vital resource.

Reducing chemical usage

Covering your pool will significantly reduce the rate at which the chlorine is depleted from your pool, thus reducing your chemical dependency and costs. It is therefore important to adjust your automatic dosing system accordingly when installing a pool cover, as your water can quickly become over-chlorinated and can cause damage to your cover if left unchecked.

Why GeoBubble™?

GeoBubble™ technology is an innovative, patented swimming pool bubble cover material. Using a bubble profile scientifically designed to increase the expected lifespan of the swimming pool bubble cover by 25%, a GeoBubble™ pool cover can help you save water, energy and chemicals when running your pool.

What makes GeoBubble™ materials unique?

  • Unique patented design of two bubbles joined together by a structural waistline center section
  • No sharp corners that could result in thin or weak points in the design
  • No stress points due to the bubble’s smooth interconnected curves
  • 50% thicker than a traditional swimming pool bubble cover material at its thinnest point
  • Increased resilience against UV rays and chemical attack

For further savings for your particular needs, take a look at our high-performance materials tailored to your pool dimensions and delivered in 3 to 5 working days!

We hope you found this article inspiring and stay tuned for more premium products and design ideas. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have!

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