How to choose your Blade Cover?

Do you want to give your pool some style, while gaining the benefits of a pool cover? The solution is simple, install a Blade Cover. Here in Skordis Hydrodynamics, we want to help our customers select the product they want in the easiest way possible. For that reason, we are gonna show you all the available options and let you choose at the ease of your house.

Choosing your preferred slats

Slats act as thermal breaks lying on top of the surface of the water so that convection of heat from the water to the air is massively reduced

  • 83 mm slats for excellent floatability, thanks to the large volume of air they contain
  • Plug watertightness guaranteed by ultrasound welding technology
  • UV Treatment.
  • Compliant with standard NF P 90-308

Opaque PVC Slats/Blades

Polycarbonate Slats/Blades

Colours available: White, Sable, Blue Light Grey, Galet Grey.

Colours available: Clear, Clear Black, Blue-tinted two-ply, Blue-tinted Translucent, Black Fumée, Pearl.

Water heating power, adds between 6 and 8 degrees depending on the colour.
Outstanding resistance to extreme conditions (high/low temperatures and hail), 8 times stronger than a Opaque PVC slat/blade.

Slat Finish

The plugs are equipped with removable wings, which allow them to be perfectly adapted to the pool’s dimensions.

Our slatted covers are supplied with a set of wings equipped with guide wheels on the first cover slat, thereby improving movement and minimizing friction with the pool covering.
Optional brush wings:
They minimize the flow of impurities into the pool and reduce the clearance between the brushes and the pool wall.

The slats can be cut square (standard finish), or shaped (depending on the slat type) to perfectly adapt to your pool shape.

Square Finish

Shaped Finish

Fastening systems compliant with the NF P 90-308 standard

Manual Fastening Systems

Safety attachments prevent the Blade cover from being lifted and fix it to the pool structure when it is unrolled. They must always be locked, failing which safety is not provided and the pool is not compliant.


Attachment strap that can be fitted to all pool slatted covers. Colours: White, Sable, Light grey and Galet grey.


This system is composed of an ergonomic trigger and a harpoon. Colours: White, Sable, Blue, Light grey.

Mechanical and Automatic locking system


Selfeex is a mechanical and automatic locking system specific to IMM’Ax and IMM’Box submerged slatted covers.
It does not require any manual operations, so there is no risk of forgetting or human error!

  • STAND-ALONE, locking is automatic.
  • Mechanical STRENGTH and corrosion resistance.
  • SUITABLE for existing submerged slatted covers, at different positions in terms of width and at variable water levels.
  • CUSTOMISABLE, available in White, Sable, Blue, Light Grey and Galet Grey.

We hope you found this article inspiring and stay tuned for more premium products and design ideas. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have!

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