Dive into Pool Innovation – Barcelona Expo 2023!

Did you miss us? We know it wasn’t for long, but we are coming back from Barcelona Expo (Fira Barcelona) with new ideas and innovations to provide you with the latest technology available in the pool world and improve your experience with Skordis Hydrodynamics Ltd.

We discovered new ways to clean your pool with automatic robots that return to their docking stations for re-charge, just like your hoover in the house. We saw our suppliers and negotiated better prices for our customers and faster delivery dates. We attended innovation talks and presentations by the leading companies of Europe explaining the industry’s shift into sustainability.

The main Pool Innovation goals are:

  • Digitalisation and Remote Control of your pool
  • Sustainable chlorine production and disposal
  • Integration of solar panels into pump stations
  • Recycling of old materials and incentives to customers

We will now take our time to decompose all these concepts and adapt them into the Cyprus market to bring to our customers the best of both world’s in terms of cost and sustainability.

Highlights from our visit to Barcelona Piscina & Wellness 2023:

As always, we never stop updating our customers on our plans and actions as we believe the personal touch is the most important aspect of customer loyalty. Don’t forget to pay a visit to our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest offers and products. Feel free to Contact us for any questions you may have!

A better way to pool..

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